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Short & long term rental management, building management, guest house management, and more!

Property Management

From finding the right tenant to ensuring your property is properly maintained. CTHA can take care of all of your properties needs!

AirBnb Management

Leave your home with us and we’ll get it filled up in no time. We’ll also take care of your guests, maintenance, cleaning, and marketing.

Guest House Management

Running a Guest House doesn’t have to be a pain! Hand over the reigns and watch your guest house soar.

Boutique Hotel Management

Running a Boutique hotel takes specialised skills and the right support team to ensure guests are happy. 

Our Services

Full Management

Full Management - we manage EVERYTHING for you

Marketing Management

Marketing Management - we list, market, and advertise your property


Operations Management - we take care of your housekeeping, maintenance, laundry, etc

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Sign up

Take a minute to complete our online form and one of our onboarding specialists will be in contact.

Step 2

Phone Call

Once we’ve received your form, we’ll give you a call to arrange for a visit to your property at a convenient time. 

Step 3


One of our professional photographers will come and take pictures of your property.

Step 4


We’ll create a personalised listing of your property with your photographs and an optimised pricing strateg

Step 5


You can have guests in your home in as little as 7 days from first contact! It’s that simple

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We also have our own listing site! See some of our successful listings.

Meet Our Team

Dive behind the scenes and get up close and personal with the passionate individuals who make CTHA the preferred choice for short and medium-term rentals in Cape Town. From sharing their favourite local spots to unveiling the secrets behind maximizing our clients’ revenue, our team reveals it all.

Whether you’re a property owner considering our services or a repeat guest curious about who ensures your stays are always memorable, this video provides an intimate look into our world. Join us and see how passion meets professionalism at Cape Town Holiday Apartments!