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Making your home ready for guests

From fluffing the pillows to adding amenities, it’s all about the details.

Making a good first impression doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant—thoughtful touches like fresh flowers and fluffed pillows are an easy way to show guests you care. In the bathroom, keeping towels folded neatly and stacked straight helps the space look clean and inviting. If you offer access to the kitchen, a few simple things can make your guests feel welcome. Remember to top off the condiments between guests, provide plenty of seating, and have enough kitchenware for everyone to enjoy a delicious meal.

Whatever type of space you share on Airbnb, there are a few simple things you can do to make it inviting and comfortable as you get ready to welcome your first guests.

Practice thoughtful design

A well-designed space with thoughtful touches can help create a welcoming home. Try featuring things that show off your personality, like mementos from your travels. Considerate design elements can help your space feel more homey and inviting—and they don’t have to be complicated or expensive. A bouquet of flowers picked from your yard, or simple accents like throw pillows can make a big difference.

Here are a few tips for thoughtful design:

Avoid leaving too many empty spaces, as they can feel sterile and impersonal

Create collections of objects that highlight your personality

Consider adding statement pieces like a piece of art, colourful throw pillow, or cosy blanket

Decorate with plants or flowers to add a touch of life to your space

Choose a palette of colours and find artwork, textiles, and other details that coordinate

Stock up with essential amenities (and more)

These are the basics guests say they expect to see in a space:

Toilet paper, Soap (for hands and body), One towel for each guest, One pillow for each guest, Linens for each guest bed, Wifi, A hairdryer, A laptop-friendly workspace

It’s always nice to include a few extras. Some ideas that guests say they appreciate: shampoo and conditioner, cozy blankets and extra pillows, and local offerings like chocolate and coffee

Making your home ready for guests

Here are some great pointers on where to focus your time, resources and budget.

Create a cozy bedroom

The bedroom is where your guests will sleep and store their belongings, so it’s important to make it comfortable. Here are some amenities to consider:

Space for personal items:

Consider providing a dresser with empty drawers, a closet with a handful of available hangers, or a luggage rack.

A bedside table with a lamp:

Guests will want things like their eyeglasses, phone, glass of water, or book near the bed.

A comfortable bed:

Pay special attention to the bed itself. Adding a few extra pillows and blankets and making a tidy bed can go a long way toward making guests comfortable.

Thoughtful extras:

To make the space extra welcoming, you could also add some plants, a mirror, a carafe for water, an international power adapter, and a multi-phone charger.

Add finishing touches to your space to make your guests feel comfortable

These four touches will help your guests enjoy a great stay:

Remove clutter

If you also live in the space you’re sharing with guests, it’s important to consider the items you keep out and those you put away. Decluttering can help make your space feel more open and inviting—and ensure your guests have space to store their own belongings.

Provide instructions for all features and appliances

Ensure guests know how to operate all appliances and features available to them. For example, in the kitchen, guests will likely want to know how to use the coffee maker and dishwasher. In the living room, you’ll want to make sure guests know how to use the TV and stereo.

Stay like a guest

Look at each room with fresh eyes, like a guest who has just arrived. Does it feel welcoming, warm, and inviting? Do guests have everything they need to feel comfortable and at home? For example, you might discover you need to add details like extra hangers, a place for luggage, or universal power adapters.

Keep it clean

Whether you clean your space yourself or hire a professional, it’s important to keep your home tidy before and after each guest.