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Top 10 amenities guests want in a short-term rental

As more people choose short-term rentals over traditional hotel rooms, they do still expect certain facilities and amenities to be included in the price.

In a survey commissioned by Airbnb, most travellers cite amenities as a top priority for a great getaway and many even search properties based on what they deem most important for their comfort and convenience.

Amenities that make short-term rentals ready for guests to snap up

To stand out from the crowd here are 10 amenities that guests care about the most:

  1. Perfect for pet parents

    Cat lying on a yellow couch while sleepingMany guests look for getaways for the whole family, which includes their furbabies. In fact, travelling with pets has become so popular that pet-friendly accommodation is on the top 10 list of amenities guests search for when looking for their perfect short-term rental.

  2. Ability to work remotely

    Fast wifi and a laptop-friendly workspace mean that even those who need to do a little work while they’re away can do so with ease. Many guests – even those who don’t need to stay connected to the office – don’t want their wifi link severed from friends and family and the ability to update social platforms with their holiday snaps.

  3. Free parking

    As many guests arrive at short-term rental properties by car, safe, free or on-site parking in cities and urban areas is another amenity guests appreciate.

  4. Pools and hot tubs

    During the hot summer months, a swimming pool will immediately grab the attention of short-term property searchers. And for cooler evenings or during the winter months, a hot tub or jacuzzi can transform your short-term rental into a romantic getaway. Both options are in hot demand.

  5. Self-catering kitchen facilities

    Even when on holiday, and particularly for the more remote getaways, guests may want (or need) to cook their meals. For short-term rentals ready for guests to show off their culinary skills, they’ll be looking for good cookware and other useful tools such as a wine bottle or can opener. Enough plates, glasses, cutlery, and mugs, etc – appropriate for the size of the property – are also a must. And, if they’re cooking for themselves, a dishwasher is a great touch to keep chores to a minimum.

  6. Air conditioning and heating

    Split wall aircon unit above vanity, table, and chair.Depending on the climate, guests want to be cool in the hot summer months and warm in winter. A log fire or air-con will make all the difference for discerning guests who appreciate their creature comforts.

  7. Linen and towels

    Guests expect to find toilet paper, hand and body soap, towels, and linens as standard amenities. Swimming towels may be an optional extra, but as short-term rentals continue to become an ever-more popular alternative to hotel accommodation, clean, cool, crisp linen and essential bedroom and bathroom amenities will be expected.

  8. Washing facilities

    For families and guests staying for longer than a week, and for them avoiding having to pack their entire wardrobes, clothes washing facilities are sought after. If your property doesn’t have washing facilities, details about a local launderette is a nice touch.

  9. TV and entertainment

    TV showing Netflix in a living roomFor rainy days or those who prefer watching series and movies to stargazing, television or Netflix should be just the ticket to keep everyone happy. Games, books and other activities suitable for the whole family will also be appreciated by parents who don’t have space to pack everything they need to keep the kids busy when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

  10. Functionality

    While the creature comforts, such as a free bottle of wine or home-baked rusks are a lovely touch, most guests are looking for functionality first. A full set of good wine glasses, a coffee maker or French press, comfortable seating to while away the hours – indoors and out – and no matter how clean the property is, disposable paper towels, a multi-purpose cleaner, and hand soap are items that’ll tip the scales in your favour.

Show off your amenities
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